martes, 30 de septiembre de 2014

Just another tourist in Brescia! (24/09/14)


This wednesday consisted in visiting the city where we were staying. Brescia is a small but still amazing and beautiful city, in just a day you can see the whole thing but it will leave you breathless because you will find a lot of cute places and cool buildings, I swear!

Ok, so here you have some pictures:)

I wore this cardigan from Zara, this black jeans from Primark, this tee and white los converse because I wanted to go with a comfy outfit, so that way I could walk and walk and walk hahaha:)

After the whole tiring day we went to have Lebanese food and it tasted delicious!! and then we got back to the hotel.

So this is everything:) Hope you are liking this posts:)

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