lunes, 22 de septiembre de 2014

What I'm packing to Italy

Well, so today I decided to make this kind of short post before the trip. I just wanted to show you what I'm packing to this amazing trip, the only disadvantage is that I have carry a really small suitcase but I got to fit everything in there haha

For this week I've decided to pack:

- 3 pair of jeans (mom jeans, high waisted skinny jeans and black jeans)
- white converse and black creepers
- around 5 tops? (Tees, t-shirts...)
- a loose and thin black jumper and an oversize and thick white jumper
- a  black leather jacket and a long gray/beige cardigan

Ok so this is more or less everything:)

Hope you enjoyed this short post:)

Much love,

Esther Xx.